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Our Mission:

  Our mission at NAFCo is to advocate and promote filmmaking in the Northern Appalachians; develop a network of talented individuals with skills in production, acting, and related fields; create a flourishing film industry to increase economic, artistic, and creative opportunities for individuals, crews, and communities in our region.

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How can this be achieved?

A fruitful foundation : Western PA and surrounding areas have an established film production history. This is already gaining momentum through positive experiences, interesting locations, and the renowned work ethic of the region's talented workforce. Many film productions are constantly searching for new, unique talent and under-utilized, unique filmming locations. Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, and Maryland have built a solid, welcoming reputation that entices production companies to return once they get a taste of that Northern Appalachian flavor.

Responsible, follow-through filmmaking: Many skilled and talented artists, creators, and filmmakers are eager to highlight their dedication to professionalism, teamwork, and a job well-done. Given the opportunity, there are an abundance of creative, disciplined, responsible, and entertaining stars just waiting to be discovered both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. As members of NAFCo, filmmakers are expected to complete all projects to the best of their ability whenever possible.

Networking from around the NAFCo region: Connecting people with people is the top priority with NAFCo and its members.

Sharing advice and learning from others : NAFCo not only promotes the practice and art of filmmaking, showcasing, and applauding the finished products, but also embraces the learning process of filmmaking through experiences. Through shared conversations, Q&As, workshops, mixers, filmfests, meetings, and skill-based communications, members can become not only better filmmakers, but may also discover entirely new routes and endeavors in previously unexplored filmmaking fields.

Being stewards of the community: It is exceptionally difficult to create a substantial film of any kind without the help of others. Nothing speaks more to this truth than the assistance and co-operation of your community, its citizens, and local businesses. To this end, it is imparitive that filmmakers be courteous, professional, and responsible on locations and while dealing with the people of the area. NAFCo members hold this ideal firmly and expect its members to do the same. NAFCo members are nothing without their reputation of its filmmakers that are welcomed to return and encouraged to further highlight their community with their artistic talent as well as reliable professionalism.

Quality productions: While many of us are not endowed with high-level budgets, this does not mean that pride in work and focus to a quality product can not be achieved. NAFCo members often appreciate films and related works that show focused effort and time well spent.

Spreading the word: The NAFCo region and its 86 counties are a cornucopia of filmmaking talents, shooting locations, artistry, and creativity that is on the cusp of global discovery. Being part of NAFCo and getting that message out can make it all happen.




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