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NAFCo consists of various artists, professionals, producers, entertainers, talents, community organizers, skilled technicians, musicians, caterers, production assistants, creative minds, builders, problem solvers, facilitators, educators, business owners, and filmmakers striving towards the common goal of making quality entertainment productions in a responsible, efficient, courteous, and timely manner within the NAFCo region.

The current NAFCo Board consists of:
PRESIDENT - Nikki Cherry
1st VICE-PRESIDENT - Perry Langill
2nd VICE-PRESIDENT - Braiden Ross
TREASURER - Maddie Cherry
SECRETARY - Karen Frank-Knapp
Founding Board Member / Digital Publicity
- Dave Clark
Founding Board Member / Entertainment Director - James Neiger
Board Member / Youth Community Liaison - Kaylee Santell
Board Member / Artistic Oversight - Mac Knapp
Board Member / Documentary Advisor
- Ed Frank

Other Active Members:
St. College Liaison - Jay Myers
Warren Liaison - Michael Gafner von Boettenberg
Event Consultant - Paul Garretson


Get to know NAFCo members:

Ashley Simpson-Neiger NAFCo Member

Ashley Simpson-Neiger   NAFCo Member   Treasure Lake, PA  
Focus: Stage and Film Acting, Event Co-ordinating, Craft Services
Other Affiliations: West PA Productions, Reitz Theater Players

Contact:   MORE

Dave Clark NAFCO Treasurer

Dave Clark   NAFCo Board Founding Member & Digital Publicity  DuBois, PA   
Focus: Writing, Directing, Creative Consulting, Acting, Casting, Pre-Editing, Sound Design, Community PR, PA Film Office communications, Interviewing
Other Affiliations: Binary Sun Cinematics, DuBois Area Mural Project, Downtown DuBois Art Walk on the Block Committee, Poetry in the Park Chairman, Reitz Theater Players
Contact:    MORE

Ed Frank documentary filmmaker

Edward Frank  NAFCo Board Member / Documentary Advisor    Reynoldsville, PA
Focus: Documentary, Natural History, and Adventure Filmmaking, Writing
Contact:      MORE

James Neiger NAFCo Board President

James Neiger   NAFCo Board Member   Treasure Lake, PA
Focus:Lighting and electrical, film and stage acting, film, theatre, and music production
Other Affiliations:
West PA Productions
Contact:      814-505-4148    MORE

Jay Myers

Jay Myers   NAFCo Member / St. College Liaison    St. College, PA
Focus: Voicing / Voice Acting, Editing, Videography, Acting.
Other Affiliations:
Dark Golem Media
Contact:    MORE

Kaylee Santell
Kaylee Santell   NAFCo Board Member, Youth Liaison   DuBois, PA
Focus: Production Assistant, Acting, Writing.
Other Affiliations:
Paul G. Reitz Theater
Contact:    MORE
Michael Gafner NAFCo Board Vice-President

Michael Gafner von Boettenberg   NAFCo Member    Warren, PA
Focus: Creative Production, Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Editing including Pre-production, Production, Post-production.
Other Affiliations:
COFASA, Boonies International Film Festival, Writer's Guild of America East
Contact:    MORE

Nikki Cherry NAFCo Board Secretary

Nikki Cherry   NAFCo Board President    Treasure Lake , PA
Focus: Stage & Film Acting, Singing, Directing / Co-Directing / Mentoring Children’s Theatre, Event Co-ordinating.
Other Affiliations:
Paul G. Reitz Theater of Cultural Resources, Inc.
Contact:    MORE

Perry Langill NAFCo Board 2nd Vice-President

Perry Langill   NAFCo Board 1st Vice-President    DuBois, PA
Focus: Producing, Cinematography, Audio, TV, Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Radio.
Other Affiliations:
Perry Film Co.
Contact:    MORE



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