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NAFCo membership is for anyone interested in various related filmmaking aspects and looking to help promote filmmaking in their region. Members are expected to approach their peers, neighbors, community, and local business owners with courtesy, professionalism, and responsibility. Growth, progress, and prosperity through networking and teamwork are encouraged.

Nikki & Ashley joined NAFCo!
Nikki & Ashley joined NAFCo... You should too!

What NAFCo membership means :

For filmmakers : network with others interested in all aspects of filmmaking

For tech & crew : turn your skill and rewarding labor into finished, portfolio-worthy finished product

For actors & actresses : showcase your abilities to audiences or just share with family and friends

For writers & storytellers : let filmmaking be your creative outlet and watch your ideas come to life

For musicians & artists : let your talent and works be viewed and heard by the masses

For producers : put your name out there as a serious supporter of the cinemagraphic arts or simply be a vauled supporter

For business owners : put your business on the map by helping facilitate responsible filmmaking at your location

For community organizers : promote your community through filmmaking events and activities

For fans, critics, & cinephiles : view, enjoy, and spread the word about all the latest film projects

NAFCo memberships are only $24 for an entire year!




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