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Heartwood Ongoing Project: Heartwood
A collaboration of talent from throughout the NAFCo region

   A feature film as broad in scope and grandeur as it is deep in emotion and storytelling. Based on the novel by and in callaboration with Jefferson County native P.J. Piccirillo.
NAFCo members involved include: James Neiger, Dave Clark, Mike Gafner, Ashley Simpson-Neiger, Nikki Cherry, Kaylee Santell
Boonies International Film Fest Commercial 2013 Completed Project: Boonies Film Fest Commercial 2013
The 2:00 version with credits (:30, 1:00, 2:00 versions sans credits were created and aired)

   A LOT of information was packed into a short time frame (especially the :30 version) in this funny ad for the 2013 Boonies International Film Fest filmed in Brockport, PA.
NAFCo members involved include: Dave Clark, Michael Gafner
Iron Fist Audition Completed Project: Iron Fist Audition
An impromtu "audition tape" turns into an action packed short film

   Date night turns into fight night as some unwelcome guests look to attend Iron Fist's last supper. Even super heroes like to have a day off once in a while.
NAFCo members involved include: Wes Cochran, Dave Clark, Mike Gafner, James Neiger, Ashley Simpson-Neiger, Nikki Cherry, Sharon Folmar
Vic Definitive Completed Project: Vic 2014 Pittsburgh 48hr Project submission.
Required elements: Ticket, Human statue, "I'm not at all surprised"

   A routine day at a memorial park turns into a nightmare in broad daylight for one young woman that quickly regrets her cigarette break. Vic delves into the dark underworld of human trafficking and betrayal. Filmed in Warren, Pennsylvania with cast and crew from various parts of Western PA, this seven minute original shows a feasible yet terrifying glimpse of what could be happening anywhere at anytime. There are a handful of shady criminals but is there only one VICtim?
NAFCo members involved include: Dave Clark, Mike Gafner, Sharon Folmar
Adoptation Completed Project: Wes Craven 30 Second Horror: Adoptation
Wes Craven held a contest for original 30 second horror films

   A young wunderkind uses her extraordinary intellect to change identities, amass millions in stolen funds, deceive potential foster parents, and leave a path of death in her wake... and all of this happens in 30 seconds!
NAFCo members involved include: Dave Clark, Mike Gafner
Jinnee Completed Project: Wes Craven 30 Second Horror: Jinnee
Wes Craven held a contest for original 30 second horror films

   Jinnee has been something special since the day she was born, but now some of her supernatural, hidden talents are revealing themselves in progressively less subtle ways.
NAFCo members involved include: Dave Clark, Mike Gafner

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