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Ashley Simpson-Neiger NAFCo Board Member

Nikki Cherry   NAFCO Board Secretary
Treasure Lake, PA

Focus:Stage & Film Acting, Singing, Directing / Co-Directing / Mentoring Children’s Theatre, Event Co-ordinating.
Other Affiliations:
Paul G. Reitz Theater of Cultural Resources, Inc., DuBois Vocal Arts Ensemble (DVAE)

More Info:

    Nikki's passions are acting and singing and she has had extensive training and experience in both.

The majority of her experience has been acting on stage but she has had some experience acting in short films. The short films she has been in include the following: Pops directed by Sam Mosco, Reenactment of a Scene from Rat Race directed by Steve Sensebaugh, Adoptation, Jinnee, and Iron Fist Audition for Wes Cochran all directed by Dave Clark. Nikki is excited to learn more about every aspect of film by being directly involved with NAFCo. She is particularly interested in what possible roles she could take on in relation to acting, directing, producing, and filming. Nikki is dedicated to taking NAFCo to the next level and beyond. She feels extremely fortunate to be involved with the beginnings of a fantastic journey with talented individuals who are working towards the same goals.



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