Northern Appalachian Film Collective Members' Completed Film Project:
Wes Craven's 30 Second Horror Contest

   These videos were submissions for the Studio360 Wes Craven Scary Short 30 second film festival. The films had to be 30 seconds or less which is very challenging when attempting to tell a story and convey key points to the audience. We learned of this contest a week before deadline and when someone mentioned that there wasn't enough time to create an entry in seven days my response was "Let's make TWO!". So with the help of talented casts and crews, here they are. Enjoy...

   A young wunderkind uses her extraordinary intellect to change identities, amass millions in stolen funds, deceive potential foster parents, and leave a path of death in her wake... and all of this happens in 30 seconds!

This entry, by Dave Clark, stars Lauren Rose, Valerie Kucenski, Nikki Cherry, Tim Weidow, Cheryl Husted, Bob Slade, and Adam Crawford. The crew consists of Dave Clark, Michael Gafner, Zach Heaton, and Steve Milletics.


   Jinnee has been something special since the day she was born, but now some of her supernatural, hidden talents are revealing themselves in progressively less subtle ways. Her father, his friend and child psychologist Dr. Judy Brent, and a colleague of sorts, para-psychologist Edgar Usher are trying to illuminate the mysterious abilities of this seemingly innocent, yet possibly possessed, young phenom.

Also written by Dave Clark. Cast and crew includes Dave Clark, Lauren Rose, Thom Evans, Mike Markievich, Savannah Jerashen, Nikki Cherry, Michael Gafner, Zach Heaton, and Steve Milletics.

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