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Heartwood PA film

The adaptation of P.J. Piccirillo's inspiring and heart-rending novel that traces the intertwined lives of two men with common roots in the rugged timbering industry of north central Pennsylvania, but whose destinies and loves turn them against each other. Heartwood is more than a novel of struggle and passion. It is a loving and careful preservation of a precious part of American history that has all but vanished.

Heartwood is an ongoing major, feature-length film project that has brought together various talents from several different locations in and around the NAFCo region. The project is constantly expanding, evolving, and refining.
If you would like to learn more or even become involved with this promising, ambitous, dramatic feature film, please contact either Heartwood Producer James Neiger or Screenwriter Dave Clark at


One of the key supporters of Heartwood is the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum in Ulysses, PA near Galeton.
NAFCo has visited this wonderful, living museum both for research and enjoyment purposes and it is hard to find a more interesting and flat-out fun event than the annual Barkpeelers' Festival.

We HIGHLY recommend checking out this event or any of the other memorable events at the PA Lumber Museum.

Heartwood  location photos taken at the PA Lumber Museum by Nikki Cherry, the Neigers and edited by Dave Clark.
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