Northern Appalachian Film Collective Members' Completed Film Project:
Iron Fist Audition

   Upon learning that Netflix was holding auditions for its upcoming series Iron Fist, NAFCo Board member Dave Clark thought that some filmmakers could collaborate and make an audition "tape" for NAFCo member Wes Cochran. Dave wanted it to stand out from typical action role auditions so he wrote in some storyline, humor, and a general feel of a short film while maintaining the essential components of a video audition for Marvel super hero martial artist Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. The short even includes references to fellow Hero for Hire Luke Cage aka Power Man and a mention of their first case together via Marvel canon.
   While filming Iron Fist Audition, the role was cast by Netflix (our guy was better!) but the cast and crew decided to complete it as an impromptu short film. We had fun and hope you enjoy...

Iron Fist Audition behind the scenes photos by Liz Judice
Click for larger image.
Iron Fist Audition Nikki
Dave Clark Wes Cochran
Iron Fist Audition Alex
Iron Fist Audition Alex knife
Nikki Cherry Alex Haines
Iron Fist Audition Wes outside
Wes Cochran DP
Nikki Cherry smile Iron Fist
some Iron Fist cast and crew

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